An Online Textual Commentary
on the Greek Gospels

This commentary discusses the 1500 most important textual variants of the Gospels,
plus about 500 minor ones, on about 2600 pages. It's in PDF format.

(Please read these first!)
  1. General Introduction (Preface 1st edition)
  2. Preface 2nd edition
  3. Preface 3rd edition
  4. Preface 4th edition
  5. Preface 5th edition
  6. Preface 6th edition
  7. Preface 7th edition
  8. Preface 8th edition
  9. Preface 9th edition
  10. Preface 10th edition
  11. Latest changes
  12. How to read the commentary

Knowledge of documents
  1. Results on the MSS
  2. Description of fragmentary Uncial MSS
  3. Description of fragmentary Papyri
  4. Manuscript 372 (and 2737) in Mt
  5. Some notes on the Coptic Mt = mae-2
  6. Examples of Blockmixing
  7. MSS-Tables
  8. The best MSS of the Gospels (print-out)
    Use this table together with the commentary

  9. Results on texttypes

  10. Western non-interpolations
Little man, by a schoolboy, Faijum 4th CE --- This graphic is found in a little exercise-book (16 pages, 5 x 9 cm, P. Vindob G 29274), made of papyrus left-overs. One can see exercises of a writing novice. On the last page there is the little man. Commentary
  1. Matthew

  2. Mark
    The endings of Mark
  3. Luke

  4. John
    The Pericope Adulterae

  5. Paleographical Commentary

  6. Principal Component Analysis of the TCG variants


I would like to thank the folks from Bibleworks, especially Mike Bushell for providing a fantastic program. Without Bibleworks this commentary would have been impossible. I consider this program to be the best currently available tool for Bible research purposes. THANK YOU!