Codex Vaticanus B/03

"As much as many others would like to have it otherwise, the notions that Vaticanus is 'simply a manuscript', and that it is in any important way 'the same as all of them' are, frankly, absurd, and self-evidently untrue." (Janus)

Comments: Wieland Willker
last update: 17.2.2015

High resolution images online:
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

General description of the codex
Date, size, pages, scribes, correctors, text divisions, history of Codex Vaticanus B.
The Umlauts

Detailed description of the recently discovered "double dots" in the margin of the text, interpreted as textcritical symbols.
Other observations NT
Textcritical observations on the OT

There are umlauts and triplets in the Old Testament of Vaticanus. These resemble the hexaplaric signs. A short discussion is given.
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